The services provided by crerea design are value-added in that they enhance the brand value of the products and services provided by the client (corporate or individual) or by the client to the client, thereby ultimately helping to improve the profitability of the client’s business.

Branding is an activity that builds a brand in the subconscious (head and heart) of customers as something valuable.
In order to do so, it is important to strategically build communication channels between you and your customers at each stage of their lives (potential customers, prospective customers, customers, and excellent customers).

There are various communication channels, but in every channel, it is necessary to create a system that allows the customer to communicate what they want to communicate (the message) to the people they want to communicate to (the target customer base).

Customers have different stages (stages) such as potential customers, prospective customers, customers, and good customers, and it is necessary to change the method of communication in detail at each stage. The result is a cycle of increased sales and profits as the brand value improves and the customer stage rises (e.g., prospective customers become customers and customers become good customers).

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) aims to maximize profitability by consistently managing all interactions with individual customers, responding to their needs in detail, increasing customer convenience and satisfaction, and enclosing them as good customers.

So, what are some of the channels of communication with your customers?

It can be face-to-face, telephone, direct print media (company brochures, DMs, etc.), mass media (TV, newspapers, etc.), or a website.
Of course, the product or service itself can also be a communication conduit.
(Provide samples, free services, etc.)

Although each of them has its own characteristics, mass media and the Web are effective in communicating with potential customers who are not clearly targeted.

Crerea design offers a range of services including website design (web design) and DTP design (design for paper media (company brochures, advertisements, etc.)).