Crerea Way

When I try to design something, whether it is for the Web or DTP, I often think
“What should I do? I think about how it would be fun to do it this way.
But in reality, what I think of in my head will never become the finished product as it is.

In many cases, the color scheme, layout, size, balance, etc. are not known whether or not they are appropriate until they are actually placed.

It is said that “a bad idea is just like taking a break,” but in my case, especially since I am always working through trial and error, I feel that progress is smoother if I do it as a process rather than taking the time to think it through first.

This is not to say, of course, that you don’t need to think about it.

Rather, it is necessary to think (imagine) only in the mind.
When thinking on the premise of work, ideas tend to be biased toward only those that are feasible, so fantasizing without considering feasibility is also necessary and may lead to breakthroughs. However, it is true that thinking only in one’s head can sometimes lead to stagnation.

In such cases, I feel that a stance of thinking while working with my hands on the task is likely to produce good results.
Even if I don’t have a good idea in my head, moving my hands around can stimulate my brain in some way, and something may fuse with something else and something else may suddenly come to me.

Do rather than Think

Do first.

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