Stand with End-Users

What should we be conscious of in designing?

Web and DTP productions are first exposed to point of view of so-called professionals in design and production, then to the client’s, and finally to the end-users’.

In other words, there are three points of view, each of which is undoubtedly important.

However, the most important is undoubtedly point of view of the end-users.

Professional designers, who receive a fee for their work, have more experience in design production than the end-users, but this may or may not be correct.

It is the end-users who have correct response.

After all we should stand as the end-users’ response is correct.

Even if we create something “cool” from a professional’s point of view while ignoring the end-users’ point of view, we cannot be sure that the end-user will also respond as expected, as “cool”.

Similarly, we do not know whether requests of the clients (our direct customer) are always correct or not.
For us, it is important to incorporate the client’s requests (perspective), and it is true that without doing so, it is difficult for the work to proceed smoothly, but we must not forget to be aware of the end-users’ perspective, which is beyond the client’s perspective.

Designing is a means to communicate what we want to say (message) to the people we want to communicate (end-users), so we need to stand with end-users.

We believe that this leads to “design for the realization of the client’s business,” which is the essence of crerea design.

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